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The test vesrion of WebStart Lavirinto3d is released. Special thanks to Marjan Stojnev (kraindol [at] gmail [dot] com).
On some systems the WebStart version will not remember your user profile settings, highscores and option settings. In that case, the better solution is to download the game.

We are proud to announce You that Lavirinto3d version 0.6.2 is released!!!
You can download it here.
Look at the screenshots here or watch video here.
New version brings:
- Option menu added (it contains fullscreen on/off, window size/screen resolution, music and sound volume options)
- Players ball is rolling (special thanks to Stevvan from for very useful tips and tricks)
- Main menu scene bugs fixed
- Ingame lights is tuned up, so the scenes are now brighter
- Sphere map reflection on the player ball added
- All sprites cast a shadow on the table
- Changed some sound/music files which were in conflict with GLP. Lavirinto3d is now totally free (as freedom) including the code and all artwork
- Player profiles and high scores added

Lavirinto3d version 0.6.0 is here!!!
You can download it here.
Here are release notes.
Look at some new screenshots.

Meanwhile, you can try my old Lavirinto2d.

About game

Lavirinto3d is free time project. It is some kind of remake of Atari800XL game Zenji.
The game is built on java-openGL.


Please, visit the guestbook an sign in.


- Lavirinto3d is not my first game. It's predecessor is Lavirinto (2d). You can learn more about this old game on

About us

My name is Zoran Cirkovic, and I am lead programer of this project. You can contact me at zchira [at] yahoo [dot] com. Use this mail to send me suggestions, or to inform me about sites where Lavirinto is reviewed.
Few months ago Nenad Novkovic (familijaa [at] yahoo [dot] com) joined me in the Lavirinto3d project as a programer.
From the begining Dejan Ilijic is part of the team, and he is author of all music and sounds.

We all live in Serbia.